Quality and Safety

Quality and safety are critical to the security of our materials, the quality and delivery of our products.

Through our years of experience, we enlist an array of procedures to ensure the highest quality products are produced and we can ensure timely delivery of these products.

In our materials, processes, and even the building itself; we have made quality a top priority.

In the materials we use…
  • Sales and delivery records use a computer entry and are retrievable for at least 3 years
  • Confidential papers shredded and documented by 3rd party, electronic info is archived and kept on file if required it can
  • Material certificates of origin available
In the processes we adhere to…
  • First article and in-process inspections
  • UPC verification –¬†Electronic vision systems with 100% copy inspection, including flaw detection
  • Line clearances final product release process
  • Tamper evident packaging (upon request)


In our buildings…
  • Fire marshal inspected
  • Secured and monitored facility
  • Controlled access points with FOB entry system and computer tracking of who enters and time of entry
  • Visitors escorted through plant; sign in procedure including arrival and departure records of each visitor
  • Climate controlled production and warehouse
  • Chemicals properly labeled, stored & secured
  • Certificate of liability insurance on file for all external vendors
  • Disaster & recovery plan
  • Redundancies in place to assure smooth operations

Our people create a culture that puts quality and safety a top priority.