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Patient safety continues to be the healthcare industry’s top priority. Our identification solutions provide the foundation for patient safety, helping you protect patients, maintain regulatory compliance and reduce risk.

We understand the magnitude of your responsibility. That’s why we’ve developed our products to help healers and heroes protect what matters most.

Northern Plains Labels provides:

  • Strategic Solutions for Clients
  • Extensive custom label are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications
  • Complete array of printing capabilities on virtually any material



We’re helping the people who help others.

Accuracy, accuracy, and accuracy are the three most important elements behind the pharmacy counter.

No other industry matches the pharmacy industry for the diversity of requirements and stringent specifications. Our labeling products provide trouble-free operations and have been designed to exceed the many unique and demanding requirements of a pharmacy environment.

Our custom labels handle exposure to many common elements, including high humidity, hand creams and cleaning solutions. Whether it’s a direct thermal, thermal transfer, dot matrix, laser or integrated label, our high-quality, carefully-constructed labels are an essential part of your pharmacy.


MEDICAL SUPPORT – Health Centers, Clinics, Hospitals



Healthcare environments require critical information needed to assure proper and accurate identification

Ensure patient safety by tracking critical information within the healthcare environment such as:

  • Medication
  • Blood Bags
  • Medical Devices
  • Patient Information


A cure for the common label.

The life sciences industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, providing cures for people who need help. The need to communicate effectively remains a constant as reliability, safety and efficiency are of paramount importance. Life science organizations face unique regulations regarding their labeling processes.

Northern Plains Label understands the challenges presented in this environment. That’s why we align our experience toward keeping your labeling operations running smoothly.

  • Our custom labels are manufactured in accordance with strict standard operating and safety procedures which ensures they meet your crucial specifications.
  • Our systematic approach includes strict adherence to the formal standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to ensure quality labels, which helps you maintain crucial compliance requirements.
  • Our secured and monitored facility helps enable the discreet and safe packaging your labels deserve.
  • Our labels provide trouble-free operation and have been designed to exceed the many demanding print and application requirements of this unique industry.



Northern Plains Label works collaboratively with biotech companies to address the clinical supply chain challenges. Custom products are developed to assist with shortening timelines, reducing costs, and improving outcomes.

Our Commitment to you is to provide products that accurately and efficiently track: patients, medications, specimens, staff, assets, records, samples, and supplies. Our unique production process reduces timelines and costs while increasing quality.


Labeling is vital for biotech functions including patient safety and accurate identification.Tamper Evident Labels are available in stock, custom, or opaque. 

Our range of tamper evident labels help companies prevent fraud, counterfeiting, and brand theft.

Product designs include invisible inks, chemically reactive coatings, chemically sensitive inks, fluorescent inks, and thermo chronic inks.

In addition to meeting the strict security guidelines, we use ultra clear films with luminescent detection properties for missing label detection. We can also provide printing solutions that can be stored at conditions up to -80 °C or tolerate various sterilization processes.

There are also many commercial and industrial uses such as showing evidence that a cabinet or equipment enclosure has been accessed by unauthorized persons.

To address additional security concerns, we will custom design a solution with layers of protection.

 Healthcare Product Summary



Labeling is a critical function in patient safety and efficient in delivery of healthcare goods and services. Labels used in healthcare applications need to be reliable, durable, and retain scan integrity. 

Label choices include:

  • Script pro labels
  • Pin feed labels
  • Bar code labels
  • RPMS laser labels
  • Retail and over-the counter pharmaceutical labels
  • Nutrveutical labels
  • Healthcare application labels
  • Medical device labels



Necessary to validate security, all tamper resistant pads and papers for prescriptions must contain at least one of the following three industry-recognized features to prevent:

  • Unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription form.
  • Erasure or modification of information written on the prescription
  • Use of counterfeit prescription forms.


Northern Plains Label delivers consumer packaging including:

  • Stock and Custom Poly Bags
  • Stock IHS and Custom Paper Bags
  • Stock White Paper Bags
    •   4#-20#
  • Plain Poly Bubble Padded Rx Mailers
    • 6″x10″ and 9″x12″




  • Health Forms
  • Custom Envelopes and Letterheads
  • Brochures
  • File Tabs
  • Prescription Refill Request Pads

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