Northern Plains Label Expands

May 8, 2019

Northern Plains Label in Fargo is pleased to announce the additions of Kent Flagtwet, General Manager; Matt Ellison, Sales Representative; Tony Desharnais, Customer Service Representative; and Todd Ness, Graphic Designer.

Flagtwet is a native of Aberdeen, SD and attended Northern State University. He has over 30 years of print production and management experience. He currently resides in Fargo with his wife. 

Ellison is a native of Fargo.  He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a degree in Marketing and has 15 years of sales, marketing and advertising experience. He enjoys spending time with his family, attending sporting events and playing golf.

Desharnais from Fargo.  He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with 5 years of business experience.  Tony likes spending time with his 2 dogs and traveling.

Ness is a native of Devils Lake, ND. He is a graduate of Bismarck State College and brings 30 years of graphic design and marketing experience. He enjoys NDSU football and going to the ocean. Todd lives in Fargo with his wife Janell and their 2 dogs.

Northern Plains Label provides adhesive labels, barcode solutions, and commercial printing throughout the United States. We produce customized labels and tags for numerous industries including; healthcare, industrial, retail, entertainment, food and beverage. We offer full color digital printing that is produced locally providing competitive pricing, fast turnaround time and excellent service.

Kent Flagtwet

Matt Ellison

Tony Desharnais

Todd Ness

Craft Beer Labels

May 1, 2019

With all the excitement surrounding craft beers now, let us print some waterproof beer labels for you. Along with producing large runs for your mainstay beers, we can also make short runs for special release beers or do specific runs incorporating an event you may have being sponsored by another company or party.

With Variable Data Printing (VDP) we allow you to customize individual cans or bottles through changing the images, text, and barcodes. You can even make limited edition products. We are not limited to just beer either. We can do wine or spirits as well. Create your own or let us help create something unique for you.

Northern Plains Label offer high speed label printing with rich vibrant colors. Our labels are produced locally, providing you with quality color labels and a fast turnaround time too. 

There are a variety of different labels we can do to help you produce the label that’s right for your company. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do to help your business.

Until then, Cheers!


Craft Beer Labels